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HefeWeizen + beer bread

This beer bread recipe can handle just about any 12 oz. of beer you throw into it, but I challenge you to try something other than PBR (my usual favorite for this recipe).

I decided to take my dad’s original recipe and use SanTan Brewing Company’s HefeWeizen in hopes that the banana and clove flavors would come through. I’ll definitely be using this beer again, call me biased if you must.   || Read more

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orzo + veggies

I’m allowing myself one hour to make myself dinner, eat it and I guess write this post before I go back to work. I’ve written about orzo a few times now and it remains a staple in my kitchen.

It cooks up quick, and when you boil it in your favorite broth it cuts time on having to season things, especially when you’re using fresh vegetables. I used what I had in my fridge for this one pot dish. || Read more

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It’ll all starts with the Welcome Diner in Phoenix and the night I had their fried green tomato sandwich. Heaven on a plate. I knew I had to recreate it.

A few things: I am obsessed with Alvarado Street Bakery based in Petaluma, California (Lagunitas fans out there?) and their Essential Flax Seed bread that you can find at your local Sprouts Famers Market + more easily in the Bay Area. Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 8.50.37 PM

Also, finding green tomatoes was not an easy thing. Apparently most places here require them to be special ordered? If anyone has tips on this, leave a comment because I’ll definitely be making this again! I found one little lonely barely red tomato sitting at the top of a pile of ripe, red ones. It was my lucky day.

The flax bread is super important for this open face sandwich. The nuttiness that comes from the bread adds a whole other level of flavor that you won’t be able to get from just a plain piece of white or what bread. It’s worth it (also, it’s my favorite bread to use for peanut butter toast!).

I rarely eat with my hands (the fork is one of my best friends) and I’m definitely not fond of standing over my kitchen counter to eat a meal, but the minute this came together I couldn’t help myself.

I’m thinking mayo or aioli next time, but honestly a light layer of butter on the toasted flax bread was all this needed. The flavors are true to form and no one flavor overpowers allowing for everything to work together. || Read more

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tuna casserole

There are a few things that go through my head when I smell egg noodles boiling in a pot. Winter in Nebraska. My mother making her beef and noodles and more importantly, her tuna casserole.

We all make different life connections with food + recipes, but for me, my mother’s tuna casserole 1) can never be beat 2) is the only way, even to this day I’ll eat tuna 3) makes me miss home. || Read more

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Cremini Mushrooms and Penne

This! Probably my quickest dish I’ve put together yet and oh so good. So good in fact, I’m eating it right now as I type this up for ya’ll. A vegetarian delight but meat lovers this would be amazing with just about anything from shrimp, chicken or sausage. I had some left over cremini mushrooms I needed to use up and decided I’d whip up some pasta to go with. || Read more

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Penne with sweet mini peppers

This dish was a good start and I thought I’d share the recipe along with some mix-in options (meat lovers rejoice!) because honestly, there’s always room for improvement especially with a quick-fix dish like this one.

The sweet mini peppers are usually found in a package or bag but you could substitute them for a favorite bell pepper if you wanted. Honestly these little guys pack a nice, sweet contrast in this dish. They’re worth a try! || Read more

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Pulled pork sandwich from Southpaw BBQ

In Denver my favorite BBQ joint was Sam Taylor’s in the Glendale neighborhood where I lived. A few years later, in 2012 when I was living in Phoenix, I read an announcement that after 15 years, Sam Taylor’s was closing. Devastation. Denial. Mourning.

|| Read more

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